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Get ready for an even more incredible Techie Kids Club experience! We're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our STEAM curriculum to include:

✅ Digital Music

✅ Digital Art

✅ Digital Photography

Prepare for a world of creativity, innovation, and fun as we dive into these exciting new additions to our program. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to unleash your child's inner artist and tech wizard!


S.T.E.A.M Enrichment That Comes to Your Child's School!

Discover the world of Techie Kids Club, where we go beyond teaching coding and programming fundamentals. Our classes are crafted to instill essential coding skills while nurturing broader life skills, boosting confidence, and inspiring a love for exploration. Guided by certified enrichment teachers, our engaging sessions unfold in preschools and early learning centers, providing a transformative educational experience for young minds. Join us on this educational journey, where learning is an adventure!

  • Classes are once a week, in person, at your child’s school
  • Access a library of on-demand bonus classes from any location
  • Flexible, rolling registration enables you to join at any time!


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Why Coding +
Robotics For Kids?
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Why Coding +
Robotics For Kids?

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Find Your School
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Demo Class

Kids Can Code

We start with coding, but we don’t stop there! Our curriculum reinforces important life skills essential to success in kindergarten and beyond.


Find Your School + Enroll

Techie Kids Club is available at select preschools and childcare centers across the United States. Our engaging classes run year-round, and enrollment is open to students throughout the year (subject to availability). Join us at any time for an exciting educational journey!


We start with coding, but we don’t end there! Our curriculum reinforces important life skills, essential to success in kindergarten and beyond.


Finding + fixing programming bugs builds flexibility and resilience in students


Coding encourages multiple paths of trial and error, finding solutions for complex problems.


Small group activities allow children to practice working as part of a team to complete a project.

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Coding projects build language and vocabulary skills essential for future success in school.


Children practice analyzing, evaluating, and asking questions unprompted.


Projects allow children to explore multiple paths to achieve a common goal.

What Parents Say

FAQs For Parents

Classes are designed for children in preschool through third grade (approximately 3 to 8 years old).

Classes are held once a week at participating preschools and childcare centers. Each class is 45 minutes.

Find participating schools and register here »

Important: Children must be enrolled at the host school to sign up for Techie Kids Club classes.

Tuition includes:

  • One 45-minute enrichment class each week, at the preschool or childcare center your child attends, during  hours they attend
  • Access to Techie Kids Club On-Demand, a library of online classes that support the coding skills they’re learning at school
  • Downloadable activities from the curriculum to try at home
  • A Techie Kids Club t-shirt

Find participating schools here »

We’re growing! Please check back if your child’s school isn’t listed. Or, recommend them to us and we’ll contact your school directly.

`Details on our School Partnerships are found here »

Find out if we’re already in your area or coming soon. Contact us » 

Techie Kids Club coaches use a combination of technology tools and “unplugged” activities to teach coding concepts like algorithms, sequencing, loops, and debugging.  

We use kid-friendly tablets, robots, and other digital tools designed for early learners, including pre-readers.  Our coaches also utilize simple tools like a deck of cards, blocks, and board games that encourage cooperative learning.

In addition to “unplugged” activities, our interactive classes also include movement, music and stories to engage children with varied levels of motor skill development. In fact, a typical Techie Kids Club class includes no more than 15 minutes of screen time.


Become A Techie Kids Club School

Are you a School or Center Administrator looking to enhance your program with a cutting-edge technology curriculum? Explore the opportunity to integrate Techie Kids Club into your school. Our ready-to-launch enrichment classes require no investment in materials or teacher training. Elevate your educational offerings with Techie Kids Club – where learning meets innovation.


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